FPO's EcoSystem

Onboard farmers as a members in AgriNest FPO( Farmer Produce Organisation) to transition farmers to a sustainable farming models and encourage precition farming system.


FPO( Farmer producer organisation) is a group of rural producers coming together to enhance their productivity by knowing new technology , improving their skills and by sharing knowledge among them.

Farm Insurance

AgriNest facilitate crop insurance for all the members of AgriNest FPO. Crop Insurance is a comprehensive yield-based policy meant to compensate farmers’ losses arising due to production problems. It covers pre-sowing and post-harvest losses due to cyclonic rains and rainfall deficit.

Crop insuracnce is a type of protection policy that covers agricultural producers against unexpected loss of projected crop yields or profits from produce sales at market.

Member's Health Insurance

All the AgriNest FPO members and employees are insured for self and for their family( Group Policy) with an intention to support medical expences. If other wise , most of the farmers endup getting credit from bank ,neighbours & friends by keeping the agriculture land or house as a security and endup getting in to financial lock.

Health insurance is a whole or a part of the risk of a aperson incurring medical expenses.


AgriNest creates valu chain by providing the best varieties of Seed to farmers which is market demand and export quality.AgriNest SME’s will research the market dynamics and demands and encourage top 5 varieties to the members.

Land Preparation

AgriNest FPO members are provided access to land preparation implants and mechinary at nominal cost ( Less than market price ). land implements like plough , harrowing , levelling , mould board plough , disc plough , harrow , disc harrow , leveller , subsoiler and machinery like tractors are made available at TechHub facility.

Land preparation is a crucial step in farming as it is the process of setting up the soil for crops to grow better. It also regulates weed growth and provides a fertile mass for transplanting.


AgriNest members are provided with training or guidence about the seed varieties (duration, water requirement & its unique features ). FPO members are provided access to seed bed transplantation machine or labour for transplanting at nominal cost.

Sowing is process of placing seed into the soil. Inorder to get good results seeds should be placed at appropriate depth.

Water Management

AgriNest conducts water management awarness programs to minimize the water loss by evoparation and irrigation best practices. We make technology access available for water management system to the FPO members at a nominal price ( Less than the market price).

water management has to be done to minimize the water loss by evoparation and provide irrigation to field at its critical stages of growth.

Weed Management

AgriNest conducts programs to understand the the complex ,challenging and expensive weed impact scenarioes which reduce the yield upto 40% or can ruin the entire crop. We provide all knowledge regarding variety of weeds ,their identification & management practices.

AgriNest FPO members can access implements like weeders or labour for weeding with a nominal price ( Less than the market price)

Proper weed management has to be done to get best quality produce and desired

Nuetrient Management/ Fertilizers

AgriNest has a soil and nutrient test facility for the FPO members to assist on the usage of bio-fertilizers like Azospirullum ,blue green algae , and Azolla to ensure sufficient levels of nutrients based on crop requirements , peak harvest times and soils natural ability to provide nutrients

AgriNest promote organic farming, try minimal to no usage of chemical fertilizers and enhance the product natural values. We organise Nuetrient/ fertilizer management programs for farmers to improve the productivity while protecting the environment and improving the soil nuetrient values through vermicompost practices and skilling and by building the pits. Nutrient management involves using crop nutrints as eficiently as possible to improve productivity while protecting the enviroment.

Crop Protection/Pest management

AgriNest provide access for the FPO members to pest diagnosis/test lab identify the pest, their charisteristics and suggest control methods. We provide farmers with pest analysis and recommendation on the dosage time of application and mode of application of bio- pesticides.
We develop alternatives solutions ( Practices and Products) for pest control like use of neem based pesticides, cow dung and cow urine which acts as solution for many phytophagus insect species.

We also assist them to adapt integrated pest management which is an ecosystem based strategy that focuses on longterm prevention of pests or their damage through a combination of techniques such as biological control, cultural practices.


AgriNest provide advice to the FPO members on the Harvesting practices, right time and right way to maximizes grain quality and minimizes grain losses and quality detoriation.

We provide access to utilize all the harvest phase implements/mechinary combined harvesters(cutting to cleaning) , tractor for harvest transport and paddy baler ,for the AgriNest FPO members at nominal price ( Less than the market price).

Harveting refers to cutting and gathering of produce.


AgriNest FPO members can store their harvest at our owned or leased warehouses or godowns which are maintained at required moisture level & free from all kinds of storage pests to maintain the quality at nominal charges ( Less than the market price)

If any farmer wants to store the harvest at his own place we support him to establish mini warehouse with different schemes.

To protect the produce from detoriation by fungus ,insects and storage pests we have to store them in a moisture free storage areas.


AgriNest FPO members can utilize the transport facility for their harvest/products to move from one place to other.

Pre Processing

AgriNest FPO members can utilize our milling and package facility with minimal charges.

We process the harvest with outmost care to prevent excessive breakage of kernal and improve the recovery and bring value to the produce ( Farmer Demand the market on pricing for the quality produce)

Ready to market

AgriNest connects and creates a network of bulk buyers at the cost agreed before the farm start.

AgriNest facilitate FPO members to sell the final produce at the price agreed at the start of the farm.

Skill Development

We collaborate with Governamenet and private organisations to facilitate workshops,trainings and skill development programs through state,national and international programs and schemes.

AgriNest provide different workshops,trainings and skill development programs to cover the entire agriculture life cycle based on the geography and crop varieties,technology and practices.

Agriculture Based Entrepreneurship

AgriNest mission is to build agriculture based entrepreneur from farmer family.

Farmers/ member of farmer family can utilize all the agri incubation facilities to build agriculture based services,processed products,complementing businesses and technology developments.

We conduct quarterly Grassroot level Agri Entrepreneur Programs and othr governament and corporate support programs to support entreprenuers from Ideas to scaleup by introducing to investors